hiking Arizona

Beautiful Places of Arizona


For those who want to take advantage of Arizona’s warmer temperatures and go hiking after enjoying a lovely weekend in a family vacation rental offered by Housing Solutions REI, the area provides a series of great trails and locations to hike. Some of these trails are great for beginners while others may require you to be familiar with hiking. However, the views cannot be debated for how breathtaking they are.

Lookout Mountain

Aptly named, the Lookout Mountain trail offers stunning views of the surrounding area. The trail is considered to be moderate. This means there may be a few steep inclines that you have to contend with. It’s also typically lightly trafficked. So, you can expect some other hikers out there but not enough to detract from the natural beauty. If you have a dog with you, they can join you on the trip, but they need to be leashed. This trail also is considered to be an out-and-back, which means it circles around and exits close to where you started. Hikers typically say that this hike is 25 minutes long and grows steep the closer you get to the peak of the mountain. If you wish to climb the mountain, then you should expect to do some actual climbing. In total, the hike is 0.9 miles long. After your adventure, you might want to consider a home renovation project with Signature Kitchen and Bath In Scottsdale to bring a fresh, new look to your living space.

Squaw Peak

For those looking for a challenge, you need to head to the Squaw Peak trail. You should note that this trail sees a lot of traffic. It’s quite popular with hikers, runners, and those looking for great sights to see. It’s situated close to the city of Phoenix as well. This trail is also considered to be difficult. However, since it can be quite popular, if you run into trouble, you may be able to find someone who can help you quite easily. This trail is 4.5 miles long and is a loop. It will take you to other trails that you can also walk to extend your hiking experience. If you can reach the Squaw Peak’s summit, you’ll find yourself 2,608 feet above sea level. Squaw Peak is the second highest mountain peak in the incredible mountains of Phoenix and the near area.

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